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After working wardrobe for Sex and the City and a year of invertebrate zoology in Australia, Caz landed at Telsey + Company working as a Casting Director for 7 years.  Caz cast national network commercials (Apple, Budweiser, Verizon, Nike), independent films and mainstream video games (Grand Theft Auto, BioShock, Dead Red Redemption, Homeland) before migrating to Sharp Entertainment as the Development Casting Director.  During her 3 years at Sharp, Caz developed several reality shows (90 Day Fiance, Frankenfood, Dates from Hell, Fortune Diggers, Bad Ink, Fish Tank Kings, Sold on the Spot, among others) before a brain tumor scare catapulted her into working as her own boss.

Having worked with Phil Morrison, Christopher Guest, Gus Van Sant, Sam Mendes, Barry Levinson and Fredrik Bond, Caz has also had the privilege of interacting with multiple major networks, celebs, creatives and crazies. From these experiences she has cultivated the perfect balance between self-deprecating humor and excellent execution.

Now using her love of tech and the finer things in life, Caz devotes her time to helping produce events for luxury brands while coding on the side for people she finds fascinating and volunteering for those in crisis.

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